Lexile Reading Program – Book swapping now available every morning

Here at St Dominic’s School, we run a reading program called ‘Lexile Reading’, also known as ‘Literacy Pro’.  The program assists students to become independent readers and to select books that match their reading ability.  Students in Year 3 to 6, under teacher direction, sit a short online quiz three times a year.  Upon completion, the software produces a Lexile score that reflects their reading level.  The Lexile score assists students to select home readers from the well-resourced levelled Lexile reading section of our school Library.  It also provides your child’s teacher with another source of valuable data relating to how your child is tracking.

This year, to provide greater opportunities for the students to exchange books, the Library will be open between 8:30am and 8:45am every morning.  During this time students can enter the Library, return their previous book and then exchange it for a new one.  A staff member will be on hand to assist students during this time.  Prior to returning their book, students should have successfully completed a short online quiz.

Below is a promo video for Literacy Pro, which provides some additional information about the program.  Your child’s classroom teacher is also available to speak further about your child’s Lexile score and how they are using the program to further foster your child’s love of reading.