P&F Update

It has been a very exciting term for the P&F so far! We would like to give a massive thanks to Gemma and the Year 4 class for running the Welcome Movie Night. A great night was had by all, bringing our community together. The amount of fantastic helpers serving food, manning the canteen or setting/ packing up was amazing to see. Gemma had everything perfectly organised in the background so it was smooth sailing. Thank you for giving the school community such a fantastic night. The P&F agreed the welcome night should not make a profit just bring the school community together, the Year 4 class raised $1,000 on the night with the slides, movie/licensing/screen and food costing $2,000.

It’s finally happened!!! We had our first dad attend our last meeting and he came out unharmed. A massive thanks to Stuart who braved the elements to join us and has even volunteered to put together our new excursion trolley which cost $150 for 2.

During our last meeting we agreed to donate $500 towards the sports program and $1,500 towards new readers for all year groups. We hope this helps to benefit all children with the funds you have worked hard to donate to us.

We have sold 28 swim caps and have 2 remaining at $10 each. We would like to give a massive thanks to Cam the High Performance Coach at Tuart Hill Swimming club for taking our squad through their paces twice a week. The improvement in diving, style and stamina has been amazing and we look like such a professional team. We would like a training squad photo, so if you could please wear your St Dom’s swim caps for the next two training sessions that would be great! Good luck for next week!

We would like to give a big shout out to the Haagman’s. Michelle, with a lot of hard work, has secured our school a defibrillator via a grant costing the P&F $200 for a $2,000 machine. Both Haagmans have given up their weekends to sand our basketball backboards and paint them to save the P&F some money on replacing them. What a team. Thank you!

We would like to give another big thanks to Helen Riolo who organised the book drive – Ziba Came on a Boat, for our beautiful Liz Lofthouse. With multiple copies sold we were able to make enough profit to donate one of Liz’s books to each classroom.

Below is summary of what we have spent or ear marked for spending this year.

Item Cost
Interschool Swimming Coaching $240
Faction and School flags/stands  x 6 plus banner $2,070
Swim Caps x 70 $355
Trolleys $150
Readers $1,500
Sports Equipment $500
Nature Playground $25,000
Defibrillator $200
30 Coloured Uke’s for Ukulele Club $1,000
Movie Night $1,000
TOTAL $32,015


Thanks again to everyone who turns up to our P&F meetings to help keep us on track! Below are links to the minutes from our first and second meetings this year.

P&F Minutes Meeting 1

P&F Minutes Meeting 2