St Dominic’s Feast Day Celebrations – Friday, 5th August

This year, we will be celebrating St Dominic’s Feast Day (3rd August) on Friday, 5th August.  The day will begin with a whole school/ community Mass at 9:00am in St Dominic’s Church and then at approximately 11:00am, all students will be walking down to Spiderman Park (Millet Park) for a whole school play.  We will remain at the park until around 2:00pm, with the children enjoying lunch together at approximately 12:40pm.

Students are to wear their sports uniform (grey and white polo shirt) and lunch orders placed through Locavora will be delivered to Spiderman Park at 12:40pm.

Families are most welcome to join us for the celebration of Mass at 9:00am and down at the park from 11:15am.


St Dominic’s Day Outline


8:45am – Children arrive at school in their sports uniform (grey and white top)

9:00am – Mass at St Dominic’s Church

10:00am – Mass concludes and the normal school day continues in class

10:40am – Morning Tea

11:00am – Leave for Spiderman Park

11:15am – Arrive at Spiderman Park

12:40pm – Lunch at Spiderman Park (LunchBox orders delivered to the park)

2:00pm – Leave Spiderman Park and return to school

2:15pm – Normal school day continues in class

3:00pm – Children dismissed


As always, please ensure the office has your most up to date contact details and inform the classroom teacher if you feel there is anything that may impact your child’s participation in the excursion outlined above.



Kylie Phillips

Assistant Principal