St Dominic’s School Faction Swimming Carnival 2019 Results

Individual Results


Year   Champion Faction
3 Girl Alice Corke Ferrer
3 Boy Jake McGuren Lima
4 Girl Lucy Anderson Lima
4 Boy Owen Wright Aquinas
5 Girl Zari Dennison Aquinas
5 Boy Jake Foster Lima
6 Girl Mia Wiles Lima
6 Boy Matthew Barfoot Aquinas

Overall Faction Champion Points


4th Siena 153

3rd Lima 206

2nd Ferrer 218

1st Aquinas 256


2019 Record Breakers


Event Old time New time Record breaker Faction
Y4 Girls 50m FS 49.8 48.03 Jessica Safranek Siena
Y5 Girls 50m FS 43.19 42.66 Zari Dennison Aquinas
Y4 Boys 50m Brst 58.46 56.07 Owen Wright Aquinas
Y3 Boys 50m Back 1.02.54 1.01.38 Harvey Haagman Ferrer
Y4 Boys 50m Back 1.00.54 57.72 Owen Wright Aquinas



What a busy but fantastic day we had – starting the day with Ash Wednesday mass, then straight on the buses where all the students swam their hearts out, whether in an effort to secure individual championships, or to challenge themselves and earn valuable points for their faction, I was impressed by everyone!

Enormous thanks must go to the many, many people who helped ensure this carnival ran so well. The staff at St Dom’s (particularly Mrs Champion, Mr Bolding and Miss Davis who endured about a zillion emails from me on the days I was not at school) who helped the kids all day today. The many parent volunteers who were timekeepers, starters, equipment luggers and much more, and last but not least, the wonderful P & F to whom we owe great thanks for funding, organising and delivering the new and very professional banners and flags that were decorating the pool deck. We can’t wait to use them again at our next event!

All students are invited to attend swimming training at Scarborough pool, in preparation for our interschool carnival at HBF stadium on Monday the 8th of April. Parents are required to arrange transport to the pool, and to school after training, and a pool entry fee is payable. A more detailed letter will be distributed in the near future, but training details are outlined below;

Tuesday 12 March 7.30 – 8.15am

Thursday 14 March 7.30 – 8.15am

Tuesday 19 March7.30 – 8.15am

Thursday 21 March7.30 – 8.15am

Tuesday 26 March7.30 – 8.15am

Thursday 28 March7.30 – 8.15am

Tuesday 2 April7.30 – 8.15am

Thursday 4 April 7.30 – 8.15am




Mrs Thompson

PE Teacher