St Dom’s Got Talent Show Information

The St Dom’s Got Talent Show is scheduled for Friday, 6th September. The show will commence at 1:30pm in the school hall. Parents and family members are encouraged to watch the talent show and be amazed by the many talented students at St Dominic’s.

Participating in a talent show gives students recognition for non‐academic talents. It also provides character‐building lessons during auditions, practice and performance. Students wishing to participate in the show are required to sign up for an audition on the sheet displayed outside their classroom. They are welcome to perform alone, with a friend, or with a group of friends. All types of school appropriate acts are welcome. Some examples include, but are not limited too; playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, telling jokes, performing magic tricks, dramatic reading, martial arts and gymnastics.

This year, teachers will audition students in their class during Week 5. Unfortunately, due to the number of students auditioning, not all students will be able to perform in the show. As such, their classroom teacher will select the best acts to go forward. There is the opportunity for students to help backstage and make posters if they would like to help but do not want to be on stage.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Miss Alicia Matrenza, Miss Harriet Maingard and Miss Jacky Lisi

Year 3, Pre Primary and Year 1 Teachers