What’s been happening in sport this term?

Week 1

We were welcomed back to school with some glorious sunny weather! Luckily, everyone remembered their hats and our school location on top of a hill meant the sea breeze was felt early, and it turned out to be a great day for playing outside.

The year 3s to 6s played some small-sides cricket games – the 5s and 6s will get a chance to pit their cricket and tennis talents against other schools at the carnival in week 8 – and the year 1s and 2s did some team games and relays in the hall.

The year 6s also helped set up our new sports equipment loan system and is seems to be going well so far. Each classroom has its own set of equipment for use at recess and lunchtimes (as requested by the kids) and students in that class are responsible for looking after that equipment. Contents of the class kit will be exchanged/swapped every 3 or 4 weeks.

Week 2

Weeks two and three are all about swimming! Well done to all families for ensuring the kids are organised and ready to attend lessons at Claremont pool. We have again been blessed with beautiful weather, perfect for swimming.

I was lucky enough to see all the kids in action on Thursday and I must say I was impressed! A reminder that all students in years 3 – 6 will be involved in our Faction swimming carnival in week 5, (50m and 25m events available) so this is a great lead in. Keep up the great work.

Week 3

Swimming lessons continue at Claremont pool.

This year we were blessed with perfect weather for swimming lessons and it was wonderful to see the progress made by all students over the course of 10 lessons. For the year 3 – 6 students, it has been great preparation for our Faction Swimming carnival in week 5. Parents, if you haven’t already, please mark your calendars for Wednesday the 6thof March and remember to nominate your child(ren) for the events they would like to swim at the carnival. You can do this by following the link on the school’s website.

Week 4

Starting this week, we are lucky enough to have some outside providers visiting St Dom’s. Year 3 – 6 students will be doing some tennis with the wonderful coaches from Scarborough Tennis Club, and year 1 and 2 students, will be visited by Northern Districts Gymnastics club for some Basic/beginner gymnastics skills. Both these programs are being funded by a Sporting Schools grant and are a wonderful addition to our regular sport program.

Week 5

As I sit down to write this week’s blurb, I’ve just washed off the sunscreen from today’s wonderful Faction Swimming carnival! What a busy but fantastic day we’ve had – starting the day with Ash Wednesday mass, then straight on the buses where all the students swam their hearts out, whether in an effort to secure individual championships, or to challenge themselves and earn valuable points for their faction, I was impressed by everyone!

Enormous thanks must go to the many, many people who helped ensure this carnival ran so well. The staff at St Dom’s (particularly Mrs Champion, Mr Bolding and Miss Davis who endured about a zillion emails from me on the days I was not at school) who helped the kids all day today. The many parent volunteers who were timekeepers, starters, equipment luggers and much more, and last but not least, the wonderful P & F to whom we owe great thanks for funding, organising and delivering the new and very professional banners and flags that were decorating the pool deck. We can’t wait to use them again at our next event!

The results are attached separately, but I wholeheartedly congratulate every student that swam today – well done to you all!

All students are invited to attend swimming training atScarborough pool, in preparation for our interschool carnival at HBF stadiumon Monday the 8thof April. Parents are required to arrange transport to the pool, and to school after training, and a pool entry fee is payable. A more detailed letter will be distributed in the near future, but training details are outlined below;

Click on the link below to see some photos of what the kids have been doing in sport.

Sport Photos