2023 Booklist Changes and Savings

We are making a change to the way our booklists are ordered for 2023.  After consultation with our Catholic School Advisory Council, the decision has been made to move from the previous system of parents being provided with a list of items to purchase for the year, to including a booklist levy on our school fees and teachers placing a bulk order of items for the students in their class.  This levy will be used for classroom teachers to purchase items traditionally on the booklist, such as exercise books, scrapbooks, stationery and textbooks.

After considering the options, we found many benefits to moving to this new system.  The first was a significant saving to families.  By purchasing in bulk, we have been able to reduce the cost of booklists for every year level and have been able to save St Dominic’s families approximately $8 500 across the school.  As a school, we are always looking for ways to increase sustainability and care for our environment.  Ordering this way also reduces waste, with classrooms being able to retain certain items from year to year.  We hope that this will also help us to further reduce the cost of the levy in years to come.

What does this mean for you?  In addition to the reduced costs, there will be no more ordering, shopping for, labelling or delivering booklist items.  Teachers will have their classroom order delivered at the end of this year, allowing them to prepare and allocate all items for the students so that they are ready for Day 1 of 2023.

The booklist levy for 2023 will be $60 per child for Kindergarten and $120 per child for Pre-Primary-Year 6. Previously, our online subscriptions (eg. Mathletics, Reading Eggs, etc.) have been an additional item on the booklist.  These will now also be included in your fees statement.



Leon Bolding and Kylie Phillips

St Dominic’s Leadership Team