After Hours Play at St Dominic’s School

As you know, school staff supervise your children at all times during the school day, including while they use play equipment. The students understand the rules allowing them and others to enjoy doing so safely and respectfully. They also know to behave according to the standards set in our Code of Conduct.

No school staff are on duty after 3:00pm to both supervise your children, enforce the rules of play, and attend to any need arising. Staff who are at work, whether in their classroom or elsewhere, are not available to do so. You and your child should not disturb staff after hours unless you have an appointment, as this is time used by staff to prepare the learning program for your children.

Therefore, if you choose to remain on school grounds with your child or other children in your care, you understand and accept sole responsibility for supervising them. ‘Supervision’ is keeping a direct line of sight to your child, and not browsing a phone or other device. It means ensuring they behave according to our Code of Conduct and other rules in their play and interactions with other students and parents. Students know the rules they follow during school hours and I ask you to enforce consistency while you supervise them after hours.

If you identify any broken play equipment or other risk to students after hours, please alert other parents to remove their children and bring the matter to our attention by contacting office staff.

If your child suffers a minor injury after school, you should avoid either you or your child seeking assistance from their classroom teacher or other staff members who are at school as they would during school hours. For example, if your child is use to getting ice or band aids from the office, you should explain you need to take them home. A First Aid Kit is located in the office and if the injury is such that it cannot wait until you get home it may be accessed. If an injury is serious, you should call an ambulance. Please notify me the following day of any injuries or incidents to your child so we can record it and address any risk.

If you supervise your children after school hours as described, then we can all enjoy the gifts of play and friendship, gifts that we value very highly here at St Dominic’s School.


Early Years Nature Playground General Guidelines

  • Sand must not be removed from the sandpit
  • Water may be transported from the pump and put into the sandpit – Mulch should not be taken into the sandpit
  • Care should be taken when walking through the garden beds and plants should not be stepped on
  • Bikes should be ridden in the same direction and crashing into each other on purpose is not encouraged
  • No throwing sand or objects other than balls
  • No running on the bricks or playing chasing games in other areas except on the grass.
  • No using toys or objects as weapons
  • No pushing others
  • Shoes off is strongly encouraged
  • Children may walk ‘up’ the slide as long as they take turns with the children wanting to go down



Leon Bolding