Stage 9 Building Works – Update #3

It is going to be an exciting next six months with our Stage 9 works about to get underway!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances mostly out of our Capital Development Team’s control, the start date for our project has been slightly delayed.  As you may recall, the work was scheduled to begin during Week 2 of the school holidays, however, due to delays associated with the City of Stirling’s development approval process, we are now looking at a Term 3 Week 3 start date.  While the commencement date has shifted, a January 2022 completion is what we are still working towards.

The tendering process, which involved seven potential building companies, has now been completed, and the final due diligence checks are being conducted by the team.  I am confident, after reviewing previous client feedback and work completed by the currently preferred building company, that the finished product will be all that we envisaged for our school community.  Once in a position to announce the successful building company, I will share the news with the whole school community.

Although the start date shifted slightly, as a school we continued to push ahead with our classroom relocation schedule.  As a result, the Kindy and Pre Primary classrooms are now established and ready to go in the School Hall, and the Year 1’s are all set to start Term 3 in the reorganised Library.  The Year 1’s had the opportunity to settle into their new space over the last two days of Term 2, and our Pre Primary students enjoyed an afternoon exploring the new classroom in their pyjamas.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see our Pre Primary students walk into their new classroom for the first time, and it was reassuring to see their happy smiles and excited comments as they explored the space.  More photos of the new spaces can be viewed in the ‘Stage 9 Building Works Photo Gallery’ linked below.

During the relocation of classrooms last term, the shifting of Library books to the Parish Centre was rediscussed with staff and the Advisory Council, with a decision made by the Leadership Team not to go ahead with the original plan.  The book shelves have instead been reorganised into the back section of the Library, still leaving ample space for the Year 1 classroom to be established.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to borrow books through a process that will not impact on the Year 1 students.  After speaking with the class about their interests, staff will regularly take out a selection of books for the students to exchange each week within their own classroom setting.  Students who access the Lexile collection, will be provided with regular opportunities to exchange books at different times of the day, times that will not impact on the Year 1 classroom.

As expressed in earlier communications, to hopefully address and answer questions the community may have in regards to the upcoming building program, we have continued to regularly add to and update our ‘Stage 9 Building Project Frequently Asked Questions’ page, which can be accessed via the link below.

Finally, as a way of visually sharing with the community the exciting work and transformations taking place, a ‘Stage 9 Building Works Photo Gallery’ has been created and will have photos added regularly as we move through the project.  Currently you can view photos of the old and new Kindy, Pre Primary and Year 1 spaces.


Stage 9 Building Project Frequently Asked Questions

Stage 9 Building Works Photo Gallery

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