Stage 9 Building Works – Update #5

It has been a busy holiday break with lots of exciting work taking place around the school.  Metrocon has used the time to complete a number of jobs that just couldn’t be done during term time.

New Windows and Doors for Year 2 to 4 – You may recall from previous posts, or in the detail of our Stage 9 Plan diagram, that the current Year 2 to 4 classrooms were having new doors and windows installed as part of this stage of works.  95% of this work was completed over the holidays, with some finishing touches being done after hours in the coming weeks.  The work completed is just a small part of what is hopefully to come in Stage 10 of our Master Capital Development Plan, which will see all of this wing internally redeveloped.  These new and larger glass doors and windows will provide more light and visibility in and out of the rooms, as well as eventually enabling direct access, via a sliding door, to the currently under utilised space behind these classrooms.  It has been an enormous undertaking by the building contractors to have these classrooms back up and ready for school this week.  I would like to thank them sincerely for the extra time and effort they put into achieving this task in such a short timeframe.  I would also like to thank the staff who assisted on the last day of their holidays to put the classrooms back together. Their unwavering trust that it would all come together in time and their dedication to ensuring things were ready to start the term was truly appreciated.  Although not completely finished, the classrooms are once again airtight, lockable and ready for the students to commence learning.  The final finishing touches will take place after school hours and over the weekends.

Basketball/ Netball Court – Over the holidays the basketball/ netball court was also stripped and relayed.  Unfortunately, the area will be fenced off for the first few weeks of Term 4 while the surface cures and the final top colour coat and line marking is completed.  I know this will be disappointing for the students, however, it will mean that all students will be able to experience and use the smooth, crack and divot free, court surface before the end of the school year.  Keep an eye out for the new colour and line markings going down in the next few weeks.

Year 1 to 6 Toilets – Further work was also completed in this space, however, although the new configuration of the toilets is complete, there are still additional finishing touches that need to be done here also.  They are fully operational though and ready for the kids to use tomorrow.  The finishing touches will be completed over the coming weeks outside of school hours.

Final Asbestos Removal – All of the remaining asbestos, which was previously safe in situ, has now been removed from the eve linings around the school.  The eve linings were scheduled to be re cladded over the holidays, however, due to a current lack of available materials in WA, unfortunately this work has been postponed to later in the term.  When the materials arrive in the coming weeks, the work will be completed out of school hours.

For more photos and updates of the work taking place, don’t forget to check out our ‘Stage 9 Building Works Photo Gallery’, which we continue to regularly upload photos to throughout the project.  I would also encourage you to pop in when you get a chance and take a look at the transformation that is well and truly starting to take shape now.


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Stage 9 Building Works - Update #5

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and that you are ready to go again for the final term of 2021.  We are all really looking forward to the new term starting and can’t wait to see everyone again this week!



Leon Bolding